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FertilGold Organics
Offering a full line of effective products designed to deliver true organic nutrition for your crops.
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100% All Natural and NOP Compliant BlueGold Solutions help correct issues plaguing agriculture today.
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Blue GOld
Yielding the highest profits and production possible through properly balanced deliverable nutrition.
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Pacifc Gro
Producing highly bio-active liquid fertilizer from fish, shrimp and crab caught in the Pacific Ocean.
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Industry pioneers in sustainable, biological agriculture & farm products for nearly 40 years.
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Leading the world in the research, development and manufacturing of focused nutrition biotic fertilizers.
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Many of our trusted distributors offer a variety of OMRI certified products. You can view these products by visiting each of their websites, linked above.

Our Story

Our story as Living Soil began in 1992, but our roots run much deeper. As a generationally owned family farm, we are focused on sharing our experience and knowledge with biologicals and organic fertilizer with farmers around the Midwest for the betterment of their farm and land. Our goal is to help conventional farmers make more of their land by switching to a regenerative, biological, or organic program that fits the needs of their farm. We distribute top-of-the-line fertilizer products from several trusted companies across the United States.

While our family has spent many generations farming, in 1992 we made the decision to begin operating as a certified organic farm, helping us to understand firsthand the challenges and needs of the everyday farmer. Having spent 12 years with parallel production, conventional and organic, our team has seen growth, changes and learned many new things about the different management that both styles of farming bring to the table. Our goal at Living Soil is to always uphold our commitment to experimenting with new products and farming practices – utilizing that experience on our own farm to help other farmers succeed and grow their farms for future generations.

Who Do we work with?

While we work with farmers of various sizes, we often find ourselves working with larger commercial row crop growers. However, we never turn down an opportunity to partner with smaller farms because they matter too.

We have partnered with trusted organic fertilizer companies that have proven products in the industry. We’ve chosen to work with these businesses because they have high-quality products that work well in our sometimes challenging midwestern soils. While we will always do what is needed to go above and beyond for our customers, we always do our best to only recommend products that we actively use on our own organic farm.